Current Snapshots

Here are some current pictures taken with a iPhone and then filtered with different apps. I’m obsessed with photo apps!! 

Instagram: xoxo_diana27

Pose: xoxo_diana27

This quarter at school I had to take a speech class. The class was fun and the teacher was super nice and easy going. One of our speeches was a How To speech so one of my classmates taught us how to draw this dinosaur. My friend and I had lots of fun drawing along. Mine is Billy.  

 This photo was taken at 7AM waiting for my friend to head to our 8:30AM class. This pic is filtered, lol yes I was bored waiting.

Shirt: J Crew

Jewelry: HRH Collection

 Just colored my hair red!!

I want!!!


 I am so in love with this purse!! This is my favorite color, it came out in 2009 so they only place to get it now is on e-Bay and other re-sell sites and stores. I hope one day I’ll be able to find one!!! 

My favorite band t-shirt!! TOKIO HOTEL <3

Love this song!!

I need this blazer!! The cut is perfect!!

 I have a current obsession with bright colors!! 

Lime shirt: Ann Taylor

Pink shirt: J Crew

 My little brother and I going to the movies. Watched 21 Jump Street!! So funny, it’s a must see!! 

My loves!! 

Louis Vuitton Courtney MM

YSL Arty ring

 Saks restroom mirror shot lol.

 Another one lol.

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