Forever 21?……. YES!

Hi everybody, hope the weekend is going well. On Thursday a good friend and I went shopping, well I actually didn’t have planned to purchase anything since I’m trying to be more careful on how I spend it but of course that is very hard, lol.
We live in a fairly large city and we wanted to venture out of our area to another area of the city that the mall is a bit bigger. She had never gone there and since our local mall has a small Forever 21 she was excited to see the 2-level F21 that this mall had to offer. I’ve always had a tough time finding something to buy in that store but this time was different, maybe since the selection was bigger or because I was with a friend but I found a few goodies!! (Hehe I would have purchased more items but like I said I’m trying to watch what I spend)

STUDS!!! Goodness when I saw this I thought I need to get it. Lol, even my friend said “Yes!! That’s so you!!”

Aren’t these corset bras the cutest!!! I fell in love!! I hope the quality isn’t bad -_-

High waist shorts!! Why don’t I own any of these? Hehe did you notice the studs, so me. I want to pair this with a white blouse but looking in my closet I see every other color blouse in there except white, lol oh there’s always something that I need to buy.

That was all I got on our mini shopping spree, my friend got a few goodies from other stores too. It was so much fun shopping with her since our styles are different, lol opposites do attract.

I want these shorts!!! Aren’t they so much fun?!


Thank you for letting me share my mini haul!!

Have a great weekend!!

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