The Golden Nugget

The Neon Factor Burberry Metallic
The Golden Nugget, my little nickname for this gorgeous metallic bag. I love her so much, she’s such a looker lol. Today was an extremly stressful day, having too much on your plate is never a good thing I found it to be so true today. Finally while eating spicy chicken wings at school (my fave, their so yummy) and feeling not like myself I told my good friend Alyssa, “I have my camera in the car, want to do an outfit post?” so here we are doing our traditional Garage Photography. I bought these shorts last summer at Forever 21 just to try out out this trend that was so hot last summer. I also paired it up with some tights since it was a bit cool today, good thing I did since it was one of those gloomy ugly days that instead of it getting warmer throughout the day it got colder.
The Neon Factor

The Neon Factor

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