The Trench of My Dreams…

Hello my lovely fashion lovers!! Please forgive me for not updating this blog as often as I should, work and school have taken over my life. As you may know I’m in love with pretty much any bright color, first it was neon, then this season is bright metallic colors, next season hologram will be in full effect. I have kept my eye on this lovely Burberry trench ever since I first saw it back in September when it made its appearance in the Burberry Prorsum SP/SU 2013 runway show. I was amazed by all the pieces in the collection, the bright metallic leather was so new to me and I love how Christopher Bailey designed the pieces to look chic and elegant when this style can go tacky very quickly. 

As soon as the collection hit stores I wanted each and every piece of it, first of all I got the Gladstone satchel when I first saw it. It was love at first sight, and meant to be since I tried exchanging it for the purple color (I had bought the yellow/gold one) but when I saw it in person it wasn’t as bright as it appeared on the website and the bag sent to me was defected; clear sign that the first one was meant to be mine. 

After many months of keeping my eye on this trench the collection finally went on sale. I ordered this piece faster than a cheetah going after a gazelle; at 50% off I had to. Isn’t she a beauty, I don’t know where I’m going to wear her and I know it will not be a basic piece in my wardrobe but I feel like I own a little piece of Burberry history. 

(Sorry for the poor quality picture, it was taken with my phone then posted on my instagram.)


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