Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing with a you some photos of a recent trip I took back home and to Tennessee. I was born and raised in Dalton, Georgia and moved to Houston when I was 19. My hometown is small and humble, although when I lived there I hated it since it was just so small going back made me appreciate small town living. The simplicity and ease that comes from a quiet town is very different from the hustle and fast pace life that comes from living in a city. I had forgotten how lovely it is to drive down a quiet road and admire the open land. 

I went back to my hometown to visit my best friend Marina. We have been friends since my junior year of high school and still remain best of friends. Although we live far away and don’t get to see or talk to each on regular bases when we get together it’s like time hasn’t pass. We decided to rent a cabin in Tennessee for the weekend and it was awesome. Living in the plain lands of Houston it was amazing to see the snow covered woods and mountains. The cabin was well furnished and clean, best of all it had a hot tub. I had never been in a hot tub so I was amazed when I was warm and cozy in the outdoor tub while the temperature was in the 20’s (F). I had so much fun and was a bit sad when it was time to come back to reality but the memories will stay with me forever. 


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