marc jacobs metallic

     This is one of my all time favorite skirts ever! I love everything about it. It’s by Marc by Marc Jacobs, which the company is closing its doors so there will now only be Marc Jacobs, and it’s amazing. There was also a coat in this same material that Alexa Chung wore to a Marc Jacobs show in London. Ugh this is so amazing. Last time I wore this skirt on the blog was in the middle of winter (here) I wore it with a black leather varsity jacket and black booties. Since it’s now spring, it actually feels like summer, I wanted a fresh take on this skirt and spring it up a bit. I love these tees from Club Monaco which come in basic colors as well as seasonal colors, this light pink color was seasonal. Even though this is a very out there skirt and can be very intimidating I love to mix it is soft and neutral colors to calm down the fierceness and make it more wearable. 

     I love the feel of mini skirts with wedge sneakers, it’s a sporty vibe without looking too casual. These sneakers are from Louis Vuitton and I love them. I would have never thought I’d be the kind of person to splurge on sneakers but one day my mom and I took a stroll into Louis just to admire all the fabulous items and I came across these beauties. I had been wearing out my Zara wedge sneakers that I bought for $10 at it’s end of the season sale. It was a glorious find, digging through those sky high piles of shirts and miscellaneous items during sale time was worth it. That day I went home still having those shoes in my mind. Woke up the next day and thought to myself that I need to get them before they’re sold out.  

     Thank you so much for stopping by. How do you remix certain pieces in your wardrobe to wear them all year long. 


Michael Kors Greenwich

louis vuitton sneakers


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