An Outfit Comes Alive | An Illustration by Loveletterer

Can we take a moment to admire this amazing illustration by Alysaa from I am beyond in love with it! I love the way she captured the essence of the outfit; bright, colorful, and fun, sexy and flirty. I can’t thank her enough, it’s too perfect.

I first met Alyssa when we both attended the Art Institute of Houston. I of course was working on my degree in Fashion & Retail Management and she was working on her degree in Graphic Design. We had two classes together our very first week of our very first quarter, we instantly clicked. I’m so glad I met her, she’s the sweetest person ever and were seriously laugh through out the whole time we’re together to the point that my cheeks start to hurt.

Alyssa is an amazing artist, in any medium whether it be in graphic design, illustration, calligraphy which is her specialty she masters the project and the outcome is absolutely beautiful. She has grown so much from when I met her and I’m so excited to see her following her passion in calligraphy. You can see some of her work on her Instagram @LoveLetterer, you will fall in love with her feed and instantly feel inspired by her work. 

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