A Trip to San Francisco

Hi everyone! I’m sorry again for the lack of updates. My schedule has been a bit crazy and my personal photographer…. aka little brother….. is starting to get a life lol so he’s been busy too.

This weekend I went to visit my bestie Alyssa. Her and I became friends our very first day of college and she’s been my PIC since then. A year ago she moved to San Francisco and I thought it was time to visit her and her new town. I’m so in love with SF, it’s a lovely city. I love how compact everything is so walking and subways are your go to to get somewhere. Living in a city where I have to be in my car a good while of the day it’s refreshing to just walk somewhere. But the hills, there are some intense hills to walk through and for a non-conditioned girl like me I was about to fall over for loss of sensation of my legs. But it’s worth it. I think my favorite part was Karl (the iconic fog), you’ll see why in some of the pictures below.

The scenery is amazing and the food is so tasty. I wish I would have had more time to eat more of their local spots and well as shop all the cute boutiques. I’ll definitely go back to enjoy more of this city. Check out the snap shots I took during this trip.

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