The Hidden Beach

     The Hidden Beach, the name goes perfectly with this post. Living in Houston the closest beach is Galveston Island, about a 40 minute drive out of the city. We decided to drive out there to explore a bit and see if we could take some cool pictures. Our exploration took us on a short ferry ride to Crystal Beach. I’m a bit ashamed to say that after living here for close to 8 years I had never heard of Crystal Beach nor did I know it existed. I was surprised to see the small island so lonely, I felt like I was back in my home town. We drove through the island trying to find access to the beach but after 40 minutes we took a small road through a residential area and saw the beach from there. Walking towards the beach we kept seeing “No Beach Access” but we figured that maybe that was just there to say that cars couldn’t get on the beach. But let’s be real, I honestly think it was a private beach for the residents in the area. (The homes seemed to be deserted, maybe weekend homes?) 

     When we got on the beach I was very surprised to see it so lonely. There was no one in eye sight, just a truck that passed by twice. I couldn’t believe how peaceful it was, No noise from cars, people, construction, just the sounds of the subtle waves. I loved it. 

     Today is a bit more of a casual look with a major pop of color from the jacket. Oh how I love this Burberry jacket. It’s from the 2013 Spring/ Summer collection. It’s so bright and metallic, ugh I get so excited every time I take it out of the closet, Unique pieces like this make me so excited about fashion. It’s candy to my soul. To neutralize the sunshine brightness of the jacket I wore some boyfriend jeans and a tank I bought years ago when Metropark was still around. Did you shop there before they closed all locations? It was one of my favorite stores, the vibe and selection was amazing. I also bought my first pair of True Religion jean leggings there which I still have and wear today. They really are good quality jeans that last a long time. As the finishing touch to this outfit I wore the “Riri” bag. I named this micro Lady Dior purse after Rihanna because of her ads with Dior showcasing the Diorama in this same perforated mini Cannage leather. It’s the cutest bag ever and tiny AF. Lol, my phone doesn’t even fit in there. But who cares right, as long as it’s adorable then that’s all that matters. 


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