Touring Farouk Headquarters in Houston

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A few days ago I got invited to join the lovely ladies of Houston Latina Bloggers to tour the Farouk Systems headquarters in Houston. I had no idea Houston houses one of my favorite beauty brands as well as one of the fastest growing brands. When it comes to heating tools I really don’t know anything about doing hair but I sure do love their wet line for hair. I’m constantly putting my hair through so much stress by over coloring so I was so excited to learn about the company and it’s brands. 

It was amazing getting to tour the facility that houses and creates the amazing products under the Farouk umbrella. We walked through the endless isles of boxed products in the warehouse and got to see some Biosilk products being produced and packages. They export to over 100 countries and employ over 2000 people. It’s a huge company. 

Farouk Shami’s mission for his company was to create a company that was environmentally responsible, promoting education, and adhering to the highest standards to save clients and hairdressers lives. He also holds 24 patents and invented the first ammonia free lighting system in 1986 known as SunGlitz. 

I was truly impressed with Farouk Systems cause they do so much for the community as well as education by having their own school as well. Their school is accredited since they partner with Lone Star college to give their students the highest degree in learning for beauty as well as an overall education. They have also named Zendaya their newest spoke model. She’s too awesome and I can’t wait to see how they work together. There are so many refreshing and new things coming in 2016 from the Farouk brands. 

Here as some pictures of my adventure and a small video, hope you enjoy! 

Did you know silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair? It reconstructs damaged areas and prevents daily damage from styling tools. 

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