Holiday Glam with Irresistible Hair | Extensions

What can be more fabulous than your hair being full and voluminous for the holidays. Not just for the holidays but anytime you want. Irresistible Me offers hair extensions but also wigs as well. The extensions are clip-in so they are super easy to put on, no fuss at all. I was lucky enough to receive some extensions but unfortunately were lost but I can honestly say the texture and feel of the extensions were like real hear. I had even put on some extensions just randomly in my hair and asked Le Boo if he thought my hair felt weird and he ran his fingers through my hair, as he loves to do, and just gave me a weird look and say no. He didn’t even notice the smaller piece extensions I put randomly in my hair. Check out these videos to see how flawlessly they blend in with your natural hair. You can even get the blonde option and dye them like Damielou did in her video. I though this was a genius idea. Pretty much the options are endless and the possibilities can become a beautiful enhancement to your look.

Check them out through all their platforms and right now they have a holiday special going on!!!



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