The Kenzo Rainbow Sweatshirt

The Kenzo Rainbow Sweatshirt

     Today’s is a casual one. Why? Because sometimes it’s nice to dress down a bit, sometimes not always. (Lol) I have always lusted over the iconic Kenzo sweatshirt for some time now. Some may think it’s been played out and it has been seen on all the powerhouse bloggers but there’s something about the rainbow ombré effect that has always made me happy. Putting my “it’s too cliché” feelings aside and listened to my inner fashion godess, the sweatshirt is now part of my wardrobe. Because the day was a casual one with my boyfriend I thought this would be the perfect time to style the sweatshirt. Layering it over a star dress that I unfortunately can not wear to its glory because the buttons going up the chest area do not close. (Here’s an awesome alternative for only $50!)  Buying online final sale items are always a gamble, sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn’t. Ultimately that’s not going to stop me. Although the dress is too small in the chest, or I like to think I’m too blessed in the chest area for the dress and personally the exposed cleavage trend is not for me, I like to find different ways to layer and style.

     Streetstyle sneakers have been in style for a while now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The chromatic look of these Nike Air Force is amazing. Love chrome shifting items. Nike Air Force sneakers are a staple in any Sneakerhead’s shoe collection. Personally I’m a huge fan of the alternative colors Nike has introduced apart of the classic crisp white style. Colors come and go in the sneaker world, I couldn’t find this exact style to link anymore but I have noticed that stores carry colors their online platform doesn’t.

This outfit is casual but still with a twist.

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The Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtThe Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtThe Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtNike Air Force IridescentThe Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtThe Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtThe Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtThe Kenzo Rainbow SweatshirtThe Kenzo Rainbow Sweatshirt

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