The Rainbow Craze- Our Current obsession with Rainbow Fashion

     Wondering through my local Target I noticed the new arrivals for the Girls clothing section. Yes girls, meaning kids. There were racks filled with bright and multicolor clothing. I said to my boyfriend “I wish I could wear that.” he said “You’re whole closet is rainbow.” Touché.

Scrolling through Instagram I noticed I am not the only one jumping on the rainbow train. Gucci has made it their mission to combine multiple shades of the rainbow to create garments that celebrities and fashion enthusiasts lust after. Now people of all ages are wearing rainbow inspired clothing and it’s amazing.

With shades ranging from hues light as watercolors or as rich as jewels it’s hard not to love this trend. Inspiration is everywhere. A-Listers gracing the steps of a red carpet there’s sure to be one or two dressed in rainbow goodness from one of the top design houses in the world. Scroll through any street fashion site and you’ll see multiple fashion girls strolling down the street in multicolor shades.

And then we get to the literal rainbow image being used for dorm decorations, street walls, and general merchandise. (This little neon rainbow sign is calling my name.) It’s so fun, personally I feel more at ease seeing something as fresh and youthful on a daily basis.

What do you think of the rainbow craze?

Gucci Rainbow Pleated Skirt The Neon Factor



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