Tie-Dye Mania- Shop Spring 2019 Hottest Trend

Let’s talk tie-dye. It’s so fun and cool and let’s admit it’s definitely not the tie-dye from earlier generations. Today we see tie-dye in all color stories and styles from basic t-shirts to super chic silky pieces. The tie-dye got a glow up for 2019.

My favorite match for a tie-dye t-shirt or blouse is denim. Denim jeans or denim shorts, cause the hot days are coming, are perfect for tie-dye since it’s a basic staple piece. The denim will not compete with your tie-dye piece for attention and will give you a polished look. As long as you keep the rest of outfit pieces a solid color you should be good. Silky skirts are so on trend right now as well so matching a tie-shirt shirt with a solid silky skirt would so chic and elegant but still keeping that fun vibe tie-dye brings. Tie-dye is such a loud print even in the lightest color you want nothing else to compete with it but to complement it instead. Or you could just go full on tie-dye from head to toe like the fabulous Beyonce.

Fun fact: according to this Harper’s Bazaar article tie-dye could be making a major comeback to 2019 because of politics. Tie-dye came about in the 60’s and 70’s when we wanted peace and equality. Today we’re in Trump era and no matter what side you’re on there is a strong crave for equality. What’s in fashion is almost always a sign of the times. Check out the article it’s an interesting read.

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