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Fashion blogger Diana Arvizu wears Raisa Vanessa dress.

Have you heard of Raisa Vanessa? Until recently I had not heard about this brand. It wasn’t until photos started to roll out of the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and I saw Taylor Swift’s outfit. She was wearing a gorgeous lavender dress with ruffles throughout, it instantly drew my attention and I then saw that it was by the design house Raisa Vanessa.

Instantly I was intrigued by the details and structures of their garments. It was hard to not fall in love with each and every piece on the site. While the rest of the world is focusing on minimalism Raisa Vanessa is focused on maximalism and I am here for it.

Thankfully the time I discovered Raisa Vanessa for my self I was looking for a dress for a big family party. Oh yes, being the Kim Kardashian of the family means I needed a super extra dress that surpasses all my previous dresses. Out of all my favorites I picked the one that spoke to me most. Also since the family party was going to be outside in Mexico I knew I wanted the freshest dress possible meaning some skin exposed so I would not melt in my dress. When the dress came in my mom and I were left with our mouths open. We are both suckers for detail and quality and this dress surpasses both. I am so glad to have found this brand that is designed by twin sisters in Istanbul and yep you guessed it, their names are Raisa and Vanessa.

Fashion blogger Diana Arvizu wears Raisa Vanessa dress.

A little about Raisa and Vanessa

The faces behind the fashion brand Raisa Vanessa, Raisa and Vanessa Sason. The Neon Factor fashion blog.

Twin sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason were born in 1986 in Istanbul. They attended the London College of Fashion and studied Theater and Costume Design which also gave them a sense of limitlessness. Their first form of design came by designing and making bags which they then used the profits to buy a sewing machine. Raisa and Vanessa define their brand as avant-garde, brave, single hearted, artistic, and close to architectural forms. The first show was in 2013 presenting their Spring/ Summer 2014 collection.

 “Since we were twins, our family used to dress us the same. As we were growing up, we started created our own stylish combinations at an early age. When we were 13 years old, we were designing our own dresses and having a tailor sew them for us. We were wearing our mother’s silk gowns from her dowry with our torn jeans. I can’t say that it was appropriate or cool, but we were trying out a lot of styles like this! I guess we always felt that we were born for this business,”

Based In Instanbul

Information on Raisa Sason and Vanessa Sason from: Raisa Vanessa, Based in Istanbul, and Luisa via Roma.

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Celebrities in RAISA VANESSA
Celebrities in RAISA VANESSA
Celebrities in RAISA VANESSA

RaisaVanessa SS 19 Runway Video

Celebrities in RAISA VANESSA

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