Casually dressing up gold rings

fashion blogger Diana of The Neon Factor casually dresses up gold rings

Check below for my top 10 gold rings and how I’m casually dressing up gold rings.

You guys, I have to confess something. I am obsessed with gold rings. I know, aren’t we all? When I was a child I had my uniform gold earrings, gold necklace, and gold ring. I know what you’re thinking, what kid walks around life with gold jewelry? This one did. I should mention too that since my mom immigrated from Mexico and gold is a lot cheaper there than here in the US kids with jewelry is no big deal. So because of that I have also had a sweet spot for gold rings. Thankfully gold rings today are more minimal and perfect for a casual outfit.

fashion blogger diana of the neon factor fashion blog styles a causal outfit with sneakers

Growing up I was used to seeing the typical jewelry stores, mostly at the mall with super high prices. Thankfully the internet has opened up a whole new world of e-commerce with so many new lower priced jewelry brands. It’s amazing. We now have options of vermeil which is gold plated jewelry usually over silver and of course solid gold.

the neon factor fashion showcases the top 10 gold rings on the wishlist
fashion blogger Diana of The Neon Factor casually dresses up gold rings

Why chose fine jewelry over costume jewelry? To me the answer is very simple, quality. No matter how little or how much I spend on costume jewelry the fact that no matter what, some faster than others, the costume jewelry will always tarnish. I shop out of love not lust so if I buy a piece of jewelry it’s because I want to wear it all the time and I want to have it forever. Thankfully for gold whether it be 9K, 10K, or 14K it will always stay gold because the entire metal itself is gold. For vermeil it could vary since layers of gold are placed above silver. Vermeil is still made to last longer than the basic gold plated jewely.

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