It’s Cold and I need a Fur Coat, Faux of course 🌬️❄️

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Oh, baby, it is COLD outside. Here in Houston today I woke up and drove to work in a comfortable 70-degrees. As I’m closing down the day I feel an intense cold breeze from the arctic chill that the local news has been promising for some days. Well, the cold is here and I need a fur coat, faux of course. That is one of the things I love about winter, the fur coats. They’re so fabulous and luxe, fur coats can instantly elevate any look. As I am personally trying to take my style to the next level, I’ll share more on that later on, I’m on the search for inspiration to take my fur coat game to the next level. Oh yes, tomorrow I am walking into work like I’m walking the streets of NYC in February for NYFW. 🌬️❄️

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