The Golden Necklace – Shop My Top Gold Necklaces for 2019

The Neon Factor fashion blog showcases and styles gold necklaces.

Gold necklaces have been the it fashion girl’s go to accessory ever since big chunky costume jewelry was ruled out. Who really wants to wear something huge and chunky everyday. The gold necklaces give just the right amount of sparkle around your neck for everyday wear. As we embrace more and more the minimalistic way of life these dainty gold necklaces are perfect for everyday life and will last a life time. They can even be passed down generations.

Scroll down to see my top gold necklaces picks!

The Neon Factor fashion blog showcases and styles gold necklaces.

It’s always super fun to style necklaces. If you’re wearing a v-neck or low cut top it’s the best. Keep you’r neck area clean so you can let the gold necklace have it’s moment and sparkle beautifully against your skin. Try to find some styles with dainty pendents with it rather it be beautiful opal and small colorful stones. Keep your look super classic and timeless with a small diamond pendent, I mean diamonds are a girl’s best friend right?

The choices are endless and styling possibilites are amazing. Wearing 2 to 3 necklaces can give a very cool girl look but if you rather wear one make sure it’s one with a bit of a statement. If you do op to wear the layered trend make sure you go with one chocker length, then a mid length, and then a long length necklace. That wear they all shine on their own and collectively together. Some designers have created layered necklaces so you’re ready to go.

The Neon Factor fashion blog showcases and styles gold necklaces.

How are we feeling about gold necklaces so far? They’re fabulous right!? I personally love them. Gold necklaces are so easy to style and you can wear them day and night. You can also wear them everywhere, work or out, it just works. Adorning yourself in gold has been around since forever, literally since ancient Egypt which was a very very long time ago.

Have you fallen in love with gold necklaces yet? I have linked some of my favorites below, so you can check out and get your first piece or add to your collection. You can never have enough!

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