Shapewear, Our Undercover BEST Friend


Who can leave the house without any kind of shapewear? I can’t. Shapewear has become my undercover best friend. It makes my outfits fit my body a lot more seamless than without the support under. There are so many different styles of shapewear there’s a piece for every outfit.

The power of shapewear is really unbelievable until you put on your first piece and see the difference. I was very skeptical about the shapewear movement when Kim Kardashian start embracing the fact she always relies on it to get a super smooth seamless look. I tend to hold my weight in my midsection so when on the days I ate a bit more than usual it all went to my midsection first which then caused me to lose to a little bit of curvy hips that I have. I had a wedding to go to which I had a super fun bias-cut sequin dress. The dress was fabulous, unfortunately, I couldn’t love it because my tummy was popping out as if I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. Which if you’re not actually pregnant it is not very fun to be mistakenly asked if you are. In came my very first shapewear piece. It changed my wardrobe life and I have never looked back. My tummy looked slimmer and my side and back rolls were nowhere to be seen. It was one of the best days of my fashion life.

There are so many different compression fits for your outfit needs. If you need a light compression just for a lightly smooth look then light to medium compression should be good for you. I usually use this compression for blouses or tops that are not too form-fitting. Now if I’m wearing a look that will focus on my entire mid-section, such as dresses or rompers, I go for higher support shapewear to keep all the curves and rolls in place. Now for my epic outfits, I go for the shapewear with the most support. Since there is a lot more support it may not be the most comfortable piece for daily wear but it’ll make a special night outfit look so much better on you than if you opted for no shapewear.


Shopping for shapewear can be a bit confusing as there are more styles than ever. The main types I shop for are bodysuits, bike shorts, shaping panties, and leggings. Once you see them and see how your outfit is it is easy to pick the right shapewear for your outfit. Almost every day I wear one and I feel 100 times more confident in my look.

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