Danielle Bernstein for Macy’s is SELLING out

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We’re only a couple of hours in and the first Danielle Bernstein collection is selling out on Macy’s online and I’m sure very soon in-store as well. The timeless T-shirt bodysuit was the first to go. Sadly I personally didn’t get a chance to order it, should have woke up at 5 am central time to get a hold of it. That’s a lesson for the next collection.

Why is Danielle Berstein aka WeWoreWhat such an influencer icon? She created a collection for a huge mass-produced retail chain store, Macy’s, that is easy to wear but still has that fashion it-girl factor. There are bodysuits, puffy sleeves, crop tops, matchable pieces that can be worn together or mixed and matched within her collection. It just works.

Also having a social following of 2.3 million on Instagram alone can be highly beneficial, she’s so active on there and we (her followers) know the process from start to finish of how this collection came to be. We know why the Baby Doll dress is as short as it is, we know why the plus-size t-shirt bodysuit has a slightly different construction than the regular size, and we also know the previous issues of the puffy sleeve that she had to revise to get that perfect puff sleeve. It’s like we’re her homies for life and she converses with us why things are the way they are. Fabulous right?

I personally have been a huge fan of Danielle Berstein and in always Awe of how much of a badass she really is. Can’t wait for her book to be released to get into her head, in a non-stalker kind of way, lol. Oh, you didn’t know she had a book coming out, well now you know and I’m sure it’ll be a sell-out hit too.

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