Fashion takes on the required accessory of 2020 – Shop fabric masks

Fashion houses and brands are coping with the CONVID-19 pandemic by selling and donating fabric masks that are now recommended by the CDC.

How is everyone doing? Diana here, going through the quarantine day by day. As I watch the fashion world struggle through this time just like you and I, I have noticed one thing they’re all doing in common; sewing masks. Many fashion companies have stepped up to manufacture face masks to donate to healthcare professionals which is an amazing act especially when life is almost at a complete stop and so is business. As more and more time goes into this uncertain season more and more fashion brands are making masks out fabric from pasts collections and I am in love with that idea. Repurposing already in stock fabric to produce masks is not only helping the person buying the mask but also many companies are donating a mask when one is sold, also the person making it by staying employed and providing income to the company and employees. It’s a win win all around.

I have picked out some favorites to share with you!

If you have masks to donate click here

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