Skechers Premium Heritage Collection the new Gucci?

As I did my daily scroll of the good ol’ Instagram I of course come across the carefully curated advertisements that the Instagram algorithm kings decided will be good for me. I usually scroll or swipe pass them without a second thought but today was different. In my feed I see these sparkly sneakers, very Guccified. And then to my surprise I see these beautiful embellished Gucci inspired sneakers are none other than Skechers. I instantly thought, ok Skechers I see you’re trying to be the new Gucci.

When Gucci first released their super embellished over the top sneakers a couple of years ago I was stunned, surprised, in love, and sad all at the same time. I was stunned and surprised to see such an over the top sneaker in display in the worlds most luxrious and expensive stores. Before these types of sneakers were tacky because of course the millennials have already created a very minimalistic world that can be seen all over social media. And then out of nowhere Gucci brings the maximalism. And I was like “yesssss!” I instantly fell in love. But that Gucci price tag made me sad because I knew I wouldn’t be able to splurge so much on one pair of sneakers.

When I clicked on the advertisement and got sent to Skechers website I saw that there are 5 styles in this Premium Heritage Collection. All of them beautiful. May absolute fave is Good Fortune style. I love the crystals and iridescent details. All the styles are $125 which is an amazing price for such a detailed shoe. And my dad personally loves Skechers because they’re so comfortable. Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

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