How To Style a Color Block Outfit

The Neon Factor fashion blog shows to style a color block outfit.

Today I am going to give you some tricks and tips on how to style a color block outfit. We here at The Neon Factor absolutely love to color block. What’s better than one beautiful color? Two, or ever 3 colors are better than one. I know this can be extremely intimidating. Believe me that main reason I live in colorful outfits is because my mom would dress me like a rainbow everyday for school so I guess I never developed a passion for neutral colors.

Pappadeux Cheesecake

For this day I styled this outfit for a family dinner night with my family. Family is very important right now so make sure you spend as much time with them as possible. We dined at my mother’s favorite restaurant, Pappaduex. I wanted color but nothing too crazy and colorful. I decided to match up a pastel green silk top with this super cute purple ruched skirt from Lovers + Friends. It was on crazy discount on Revolve as well so yay for money saved.

The Neon Factor fashion blog color block outfit with a mini Lady Dior

How To Color Block

  • Got a color wheel? If not get one, it’ll become your best friend.
  • Match up colors opposite from each other on the wheel
  • You can also stick to same color family shades to create a monochrome color block look. Thank of a rich navy bottom with a royal blue top. It doesn’t need to get too crazy.
  • Remember to stick with two to three colors. This helps keep the look clean and chic.
  • Last and most important, just have fun! Fashion is meant to be fun, the more you play the more you’ll understand your personal style and how to incorporate trends into it.
How to color block

Accessories can be kept neutral. I decided to add on purple family accessories because I am just extra like that. If I had worn this look to the office I would have switch the shoes with cute low heel nude pumps and a nude purse to match.

How do you color block? Share in the comments!

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