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Huggie earrings are by far the cutest and my personal favorite type of earrings. They’re dainty and small, perfect for everyday wear. Gold huggie earrings are a must have staple for your jewelry box. Solid gold pieces will last you a lifetime and you can hand time down to your children or comfortably sell them when you no longer feel a connection with the huggie earrings since gold never looses its value and only goes up as time goes by.

I am obsessed with huggie earrings because they look so adorable and cute worn. They’re tiny and dainty and perfect for stacking up. I’m currently on my second piercing but can not wait to get more so I can start layering my earrings. The subtle shine that comes from these tiny heirlooms is so elegant and chic. Gold huggie earrings can give you a whole new look and vibe, it’s so fun to play with them.

The amount of options out there for gold huggie earrings are infinite. You can pick from rainbow charms, embellished charms, or classic solid gold for your earrings. So if you want to feel colorful, glam, or timeless the choices are endless. Just depends on your mood that day. What is your favorite style?

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I love these little square ones in the photo above. So I have told you my obsession on gold huggie earrings, I love them for small and dainty and endless options on design. What do you love about them? Do you already own a pair or two? I love to hear how you incorporate huggie earrings or will incorporate in your everyday life.


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